Vastrade International Inc., based in Azusa, California, has a long history of being on the cutting edge of developing the worlds highest performing apparel.

Founded in 1989, the company actually owns its own state of the art factory in China which is focused on the development, construction and fabrication of apparel built for cycling, running, soccer, basketball, yoga/fitness, tennis, golf, ski and swim wear. Providing functional garments that meet the needs of the worlds most demanding athlete who seek a perfect mix of comfort and performance.

Vastrade specializes in full package manufacturing of high quality apparel.

As a US based company, Vastrade is easily able to service brands in Europe and Canada as well as the United States with predictable results. During the manufacturing process, Vastrade works closely with its clients, ensuring quality garments are produced cost effectively and on time. Our expert technicians assist in developing samples on time and provide sourcing for fabrics and trims. In addition to manufacturing, our factory offers a range of customer services under one roof including embroidery and sublimation.

With our project managers on site during the entire manufacturing process, we are personally committed to protect your interests through every step of the development, design and manufacturing process, to ensure garments are produced to your specifications and expectations. We take pride in producing superior quality product, delivered on time, at competitive prices. We appreciate the opportunity to service you and look forward to creating a lasting relationship.

With over 25 years of design, sourcing and manufacturing experience, dedicated employees and an extraordinary commitment to service and partnership, Vastrade provides quality apparel solutions to you every time.