Vastrade’s primary factory is in Quanzhou, Fujian, China and we have two additional factories to help with specific technological needs. Vastrade International promotes fair labor practices and safe working conditions throughout our entire supply chain. Social and Environmental Responsibility are a part of our core values. We also have built long-term relationships with our suppliers through a detailed process of evaluation, interaction and analysis to ensure first and foremost they are the right suppliers and their social and environmental practices are consistent with international standards.

Our team works closely with our factory partners to ensure they agree to abide by international labor and human rights standards. Our in-country staff constantly monitors these conditions in both textile and garment factories to ensure that our garments are produced under safe, legal, humane, and environmentally responsible working conditions. We utilize fully accredited third party audit organizations to ensure that these conditions are met at all of our factories.

Vastrade is an internationally qualified manufacturer, certified by ISO 9001 (find graphic), BSCI, WRAP, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Vastrade is fully committed to reducing the environmental impact of our suppliers’ processes wherever possible and encourage our suppliers to move toward more efficient methods of manufacturing in both textile and garment factories. We always ensure that our business is conducted in a social and responsible manner, and regard the SA8000 Standard as part of our corporate culture.